Consign your Collector Car for April 2023

Consign Your Car


The Branson Auction is now in it’s 4th decade! Founded in the early eighties by Mark Trimble, a pioneer of early Branson, and purchased by Jim Cox in 1988, the Branson Auction has been a traditional and successful element of the collector car hobby/business ever since.  

Jim and his wife Kathy took a simplistic approach to the business which was really an extension of their hobby, that of collecting, restoring, racing and generally having fun with cars. For 33 years they have attempted, successfully so, to share that fun and enthusiasm with thousands of people who share that passion. They still buy and sell for their own collection, restore those they find interesting and Jim still races his favorite old 1964 Triumph TR4, with Kathy as his Pitt Boss!

The business approach has always been about service. Service to the collector, the restorer, the mechanic, transporter, insurance provider and all who come in contact with the individuals that love their cars, bikes, boats or memorabilia.  

If you are thinking about selling your special car but don’t necessarily understand the auction process, then the Branson Auction and their dedicated and experienced personnel are there to help and explain. If you have been looking for a special car to buy and enjoy but don’t know where to find it, how much to pay, what it takes to maintain or how to insure that valuable asset the folks at Branson Auction are there to help. Today there are collector car auctions every weekend, some much bigger, but we like to think none more dedicated to one simple principle; SERVICE TO THE COLLECTOR.


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Branson, MO 65615



194 Industrial Park Drive
Hollister, MO 65672