1955 MG A Roadster

Lot #: 570


Model:A Roadster
Engine4 Cyl
Sold Price:$22,050

The basic design of the MGA goes back to 1951 when it made a total break from earlier MG designs. Designer Syd Enever created a streamline body for an MG TD for LeMans competition, the problem was the high seating position so a new chassis with wider side members set further apart and the floor attached to the bottom rather than the top. The low slung, aerodynamic car was finally approved by the BMC leadership and the MGA was born replacing the venerable MG styling of the TF and the 30 years of similar designs that preceeded them. From 1955 to 1962 over 100,000 units were produced only to be replaced by the venerable MGB. This little beauty has been owned by the same collector for many years, protected from the elements in an enviable facility, serviced by experts and driven occasionally on warm summer days. An icon of British motoring available for many more years of driving pleasure.

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