1919 Cadillac Type 57 Coupe

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Model:Type 57 Coupe
High Bid:$65,000
High Bid:65000

This is an incredible example of a Prewar Cadillac. This Type 57 was originally shipped on October 18th, 1919 and was delivered to Cadillac Auto Company of Boston. The history of the car is undocumented but we have been told that the body was custom built for Henry P Morgenthau, Former Secretary of the Treasury. Evidence of the custom body can be seen in the additional body line painted maroon and outlined in crème, complementing the traditional black fenders and dark green body. Additional unique features include drum headlights, nickel plated radiator, custom cowl sidelights and cowl mounted port and starboard running lights, a nautical touch for the original owner, as the story goes. Inside, the factory tilting front passenger seat was replaced with a full size seat that matches the driver’s side and swivels instead. The car presents itself very well. An older restoration, the body looks to have been renovated by Wolfington Body Company of Philadelphia. The paint is in good condition, proving that it has been well cared for and stored in a climate controlled space for many years. Mechanically, the car runs and drives well on an auxiliary fuel tank and the original fuel system is currently being assessed for restoration options. Inside, the brown interior matches the description that Cadillac used in their 1919 promotional book. “Rich mohair velvet in neutral tones to harmonize with other colors.” Regardless of the history, this very rare car is a truly incredible piece of American history and deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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