Buying A Vehicle


Your first step towards buying is to register as a bidder. You will be required to provide verification that you have the means to fully pay for each purchase made on sale day.

Funds must be: cash or cashier’s check, certified bank check, or personal or company check accompanied by an irrevocable bank letter of guarantee.

J.J. Best Banc & Co will also have representatives on site. Please see the representative on-site to obtain your line of credit before registering to bid.




If you are paying by cash you will be asked to leave a $1,500.00 deposit at the time of registration. Cash purchases over $10,000.00 are fully reported to the federal government in accordance with applicable law.



Payments for purchases will be made payable to Collector Cars International, dba, The Branson Auction. CCI will issue checks to consignors within 2 weeks after the auction.

Payments must be made with good funds which are defined as cash, cashier’s check, travelers checks or personal/company checks backed by an irrevocable letter guaranteeing the amount to be covered by the check. This currently dated letter must be presented and will be attached to our copy of your bidder registration form. Drafts are not acceptable. No exceptions.



Titles will be mailed via “Certified Mail” to buyers within 2 weeks after the auction.

Storage and transportation costs will be your responsibility. We have been using Passport Transport for over thirty years and highly recommend their services. They are on sight in the auction ballroom.



To protect your purchase against damage or theft, be sure to contact your insurance carrier to make the proper arrangements. Coverage should be in effect as of the fall of the hammer. The Branson Auction does not provide insurance coverage of any type protecting against damage or loss to or resulting from your vehicle or its contents.



If you are inexperienced as a buyer at auction, you may be unaware of specific operating procedures and obligations you may incur when you participate.

All potential bidders must read and understand all terms of sale contained in our Bidder Agreement, Purchase Contract and the Bidder’s Registration and Application that you will sign. Announcements may be made at the beginning of the sale which can take priority over printed matter.

A bidder will not be allowed to disregard his legal obligations expressed in these contracts.

Since all vehicles are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES OF ANY TYPE, you are obliged to thoroughly research and inspect any car before it is purchased. Adjust your bidding according to problems and conditions of the car. Under auction law, you become the legal owner of the vehicle when the auctioneer says “sold.” You remain legally responsible for tendering full, proper payment on sale day regardless of finding differences, faults or problems with the car after it is purchased.

After you have registered to bid and inspected your vehicle of interest, enter the auction ring and give your bid to our ring man or auctioneer. If you are successful, our clerk will approach you and ask you to sign the clerk ticket. You will retain a copy for your records.

Please go to Auction Office within one hour of purchasing a vehicle to make payment.